Women's Ministries

McIlwain Women’s Ministry (MWM) has two emphases:  Growing women in God's grace in Jesus Christ and engaging them in ministry to the body of Christ.  With regard to the former MWM offers weekly and monthly Bible studies, both in the day and in the evening.  McIlwain's women are involved in nearly every area of ministry in the church, from assisting our Fold shepherding with ministry meals to visiting our elderly or home-bound members. 

 The goals of MWM are:

  • To encourage women to grow in their relationship with Christ
  • To provide a place for women to be nurtured and to nurture through relationships with other women
  • To provide a place where women are encouraged in their service to Christ and the larger community

If you have questions, please contact MWM Coordinator Katherine Clarke at (850) 438-5449.