LIFE Groups

The LIFE Group Ministry of McIlwain Presbyterian Church seeks to carry out McIlwain’s Mission in a setting which engages McIlwainians across multiple age groups in growth in grace as disciples of Christ.  For this reason the LIFE Groups are not “just another ministry” but foundational to the purpose and life of McIlwain corporately and of members individually. 

The LIFE Group Vision is how we intend to fulfill our Mission; it answers the question,  “How are we going to develop maturing and multiplying disciples of Christ?” That answer is found in the very name of the ministry, embedded in the acronym LIFE: Leadership development - Intercessory prayer - Fellowship of believers - Equipping the saints.

The LIFE Group Ministry seeks to produce maturing and multiplying disciples of Christ through Leadership development, Intercessory prayer, the Fellowship of believers and by Equipping the saints for the work of ministry.

LIFE Groups meet in homes throughout the Pensacola area from September to May; you can sign up for a group in August and January of each year.