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The ministry of McIlwain Presbyterian Church would not be possible apart from God’s grace through the obedient tithing and sacrificial giving of his people.  God owns all things (Psalm 51) and is the giver of every good and perfect gift (James 1:17)—he does not need us to give him anything!  Yet he calls us to trust him and set our hearts on the greatest treasure of all, Jesus Christ.  When Christ is indeed our treasure we view our material wealth as God-given opportunities to grow the Kingdom.

To friends of McIlwain who found our website and desire to support the ministry of McIlwain Presbyterian Church, we are grateful!  Please click on the myEoffering link below and sign-up to establish an account or log in to your existing account.  You will be able to direct your gift to a specific ministry or fund.  You may also mail your gift using the U.S. Mail option to the left.  

To our members and regular visitors:  Because the giving of the tithe and sacrificial offerings is an important part of corporate worship, we encourage you to make your regular giving in the context of worship at McIlwain.  Electronic giving is available for those who have no other options or who are traveling or are otherwise providentially hindered from worshiping in person.

Those who would like to mail their gifts can use the U.S. Mail option to the left.

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We appreciate your generous support of the ministry of McIlwain Presbyterian Church and appreciate your prayers as we seek to be faithful stewards of the gifts and resources God supplies.