Vision and Mission

Our Purpose

For the glory of God alone and by his grace alone, McIlwain Presbyterian Church equips believers to worship God by proclaiming Christ from the Word and in the World.


Our Vision

Through the power of the Gospel, McIlwain Presbyterian Church seeks to change hearts and minds in East Hill, Pensacola, and beyond.


Our Mission

McIlwain Presbyterian Church accomplishes its vision by prayerfully

  • Discipling individuals and families for a maturing faith through the teaching of God’s Word
  • Leading the Covenant community in biblically-directed corporate worship that is Christ-centered and confessional
  • Equipping the Covenant community for Christ-like service, prayer and leadership
  • Shepherding the Covenant community with pastoral care and Gospel encouragement
  • Engaging the Covenant community to know the times and seek opportunities to challenge and change the cultures of East Hill, Pensacola and the world in genuine, respectful and loving Gospel power.