McIlwain's Session and Diaconate


Our elders shepherd McIlwain in discipleship, selfless service and powerful witness.

McIlwain is a Presbyterian Church--which simply means that the ministry and life of the church is overseen by duly-called elders. The Greek word for elder is presbuteros, hence the name "Presbyterian."

Acts 20:28 clearly says that the elders of the church are the overseers (episkopoi).  This word describes the general work of the elder, that of overseeing the spiritual care of the people.  Paul begins this sentence with a command, a command that explains the task of the overseer:  “Pay careful attention to yourselves and to all the flock...”  In the very next breath he specifically states that this careful attention is “to care for the church of God.”  The word for “care” here literally means to “pastor” or “shepherd.”  So, we from within this verse we see the components of the elder’s work of oversight in the church.

McIlwain's Session
  • Bruce Clark, Clerk of Session
  • Mike Dieckmann (sabbatical)
  • George Earles
  • Mark Eberhard
  • Rusty Gross
  • Bob Kimmel
  • Rob Looper, Moderator
  • Brent McMahan
  • Ray Myers
  • Jim Robertson (sabbatical)
Elder Emeriti
  • Bob Oaks
  • Willie Wilcox
  • John Woodward


Our deacons model the servant heart of the Lord Jesus in humble action and availability.

Though all believers are mutual servants in the church, Scripture teaches that God specifically gifts and calls some men to the servant-leader office of deacon (Acts 6:3-6; 1 Timothy 3:12ff). The situation in Acts 6 that led to the revelation of this office shows how the diaconate serves a critical role in the shepherding of the church, as it sees to “those who are in need, to the sick, to the friendless, and to any who may be in distress” (Book of Church Order 9-2) so that the elders of the church may focus on the ministry of the Word and prayer.

McIlwain's Diaconate
  • Max Baxter
  • Charlie Clarke
  • Wayne Cotton
  • Pete DeVries
  • Chip Frost, Chairman
  • Glen Fullerton
  • Julian Poole
  • Kevin Poole
  • Ted Poole
  • Tom Turner
Deacon Emeritus
  • Bob Johnson